What To Do When Daddy's Not Home
I wrote this book to inspire young children who grew up without a father to pursue their dreams and understand the importance of themselves, know that you still have a life to look forward to. I can personally relate to all of you and the hurt you may have experienced. I hope the stories I tell you will strengthen your hearts and minds by helping you to move past where he may have left off. I have included my experiences and the experiences of others that may be helpful. I will also answer some questions you may have. This book is not about bashing fathers I admire fathers who take care of their children because their actions encourage fathers who have abandoned their children to do better. I have learned a lot over the years about loving myself and those around me. My father choosing not to be in my life was not my fault and I am certain he will miss out on knowing me.
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What To Do When Daddy's Not Home

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