The Semi-Dragon Tale
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Welcome to the world of Hardooth…Home of Kovarian one of the Dragonmen who fly dragons to protect their country from their enemies. Being a Dragonman is one of the most sought after jobs in High Country, it is called that because it is on a very large, high plateau that is surrounded on all sides by cliffs. In order to become a member of the Dragon rider flying force, you have to attend a school to become a Candidate. Once you have passed this test, you now have to care for the hatching of a dragon egg. You are given ten attempts…because of a high "dud" rate among the eggs. If you're unlucky, and fail to achieve a successful hatching in ten tries, you've been deemed an unworthy grounder, a non-member of the Dragon force. Reeling toward the unlucky grounder fate, Kovarin stands at his tenth attempt and desperately needs the whim of chance in his favor.
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The Semi-Dragon Tale

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