Reparation: Erasing the Stain from America's History
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The Stain of blood, Sweat, and tears…a jaded history America's foundation of success emerged from tireless labor on the backs of African Slaves. As a successful Architect, Corey Greenfield never quite felt the effect of Black America's theory of how this country came into existence, until the Reparations Movement came into town. His involvement in the movement brings about a new dilemma regarding his life with his Jewish wife Keisha. Tension evolves when questions arise on how their status fits into the cause of the movement---comparing the plight of Black Americans to Keisha's Jewish Ancestors. The more involvement Corey has risks the safety of their family, as Keisha fears for the life of their biracial children, while the events unfold taking their lives through twists and turns as the Reparations Movement brings long overdue restitution for slave descendants of Black America. Follow Corey Greenfield in this gripping tale, as he seeks retribution for a long history finally coming to a close in Robert M. Wade's Reparation: Erasing the Stain from America's History.
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Reparation: Erasing the Stain from America's History

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