Profyle Bytes
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It's a typical college life for NOVA and NIA who become best friends and sorority sisters after meeting their first year in college. But for Nova, college life changes and takes on a whole new meaning when, Nia, goes missing after going on a blind date with a mystery man that she meets online. None of them expect the journey they will encounter, or the outcome of what they find. In her attempt at locating her missing friend, Nova, encounters several online profiles and one might be the mystery man involved with Nia's disappearance. During her search, she realizes she knows two of the men---her love interest, MAXWELL, and the other, BRACKZ, is someone who has contacted her through another social network. Could one of them be the mystery man Nia last saw and the person behind her disappearance? Nova's world doesn't stop turning up side down as she stumbles upon an underground world through a social online network that leads her down a path to a deeper, darker secret that lies in her own past. Hold on tight for the suspenseful thrills in this sexy tale of 'who done it and why?' in Profile Bytes, the debut novel by E. A. Lopez.

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Profyle Bytes

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