The Embellish Saga continues...
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Payback is personal...
Taking her rightful place as the new Voodoo Mistress of her family, Solis Burkes empowers herself with the ability to infiltrate the curse of Childress Treemount and her deadly siblings---bringing an end their reign of she hoped. Danger has emerged in the form of a youngling vampire who has made it known he is now the new evil that plagues Solis and her vampire soul mate, Nacio.
Side by side, Nacio and Solis must make certain that she can fulfill her destiny---but fate has other plans. A deadly secret buried for centuries, is now revealed bringing with it destruction and mayhem which could destroy them all, fueling Childress to stop at nothing to fulfill her destiny as the new Voodoo Priestess of her clan. Brace yourself as Nacio and Solis continue their heart-pounding journey into the sinister underworld of Voodoo and Black Magic.
Justice Served delivers what fans have been eagerly waiting for in a gripping sexy romance that leaves new readers pining for more...
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Justice Served: A novel of the Embellish Saga

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