Decision Precision Vision
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Decision Precision Vision is a compelling book comprised of eight, spiritually designed decision-making principles. This small book, and its appealing step-by-step approach, is based upon and empowered by the infallible Word of God. It strongly embraces the premise that you, according to the Word of God, were “fearfully and wonderfully” made for a divine purpose. The book essentially challenges and enables readers to visualize and lay out a plan, based on their decisions, to achieve divine purpose. Interwoven, to share wisdom and knowledge, are good and bad personal decision-making examples from the Bible. Readers will also enjoy and be encouraged by reading about the author’s personal life experiences. The book’s carefully written and selected decision making prayers offer readers spiritual guidance. The ‘special letter’ for readers from the author adds a sincere touch. Its spiritually-motivated decision making formula, poem and symbols all compliment the book’s uniqueness and creativity. Finally, Decision Precision Vision includes personal decision making assignments and an example especially designed to aid readers in the application of each principle for ultimate decision making transformation.
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Decision Precision Vision

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