Cheating: A Double Edged Sword
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Dominique Goodman is a hard working dedicated family man willing to endure pain, hardship, and disappointment to maintain a healthy environment for his children. Often, he watches them play happily and peacefully,unaware that their mother’s adulterous affair threatens to shatter their world. Tashiana Goodman is a beautiful,loving wife who loves her husband and children, but has allowed herself to become involved in an affair which she does not know how to escape from. Not wanting his children to be products of a broken home, yet Dominique's male ego refuses to bestow forgiveness to his wife for the affair that leaves him feeling inept and weak. Confused, he knows not which side of the sword he will end up on, the forgiving side that will keep his marriage and family intact or the violent side which will lead to his wife’s demise. After soul searching and weighing the pros and cons of his dilemma, Dominique will decide what he can and cannot live with. Will their love survive the entrapments of lust? Follow Dominque and Tashiana on a relationship rollercoaster ride that keeps the pages turning in Cheating: A Double Edged Sword.
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Cheating: A Double Edged Sword

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