Basic Publishing Package
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Welcome to Harrison House Publishing (HHPublishing)! Term Agreement for the Production, Printing, Distribution and Sale of Manuscript Services: ***$50.00---Book Set Up ***$150.00---Book ISBN ***$100.00---LCCN ***$10.00---Administrative Site Maintenance (Due annually) ***$75.00---Book Formatting for Printing ***$100.00---Book Template formatting-First 250 pages ($50.00 there after) ***$15.00---Annual Digital File Storage (Due Annually) ***$50.00---Basic Stock Book Cover ***$100.00---Amazon Kindle E-Book Format ***$100.00---Barnes and Noble Nook E-Book Format ***$0.00---Paperback Book Format included ***Needed Services for Basic Publishing Package at $800.00 Optional Services: $40.00---Copyrighting (Optional) $25.00---Marketing Email Blast (Optional) $35.00---Proof Copy (Optional) $325.00---Custom Book Cover (Optional) $50.00---Stock Book Cover $99.00---Hard Cover Option (will cost more for production cost/less royalty return) $300.00—Basic Editing (spelling, punctuation; after editing is completed if more is needed a full charge of one round of phase II editing will be charged)
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Basic Publishing Package

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